Our members talk about their research activities and interests in the field of data science. What are their current research topics? How important are data and data science in their research? And what are actually their biggest challenges in dealing with data?

Christopher Metz
Research associate at DSC
FB 03 – Mathematics and Computer Science

“I have always told people we need a group of experts to handle infrastructure and services for data science/AI applications for other researchers who are not into computer science. Since this is one of the things we do at DSC, I am very happy to be a part of it for almost two years now!“

Prof. Dr. Michael Windzio
Professor of Sociology of Migration and Urban Research
FB 08 – Sociology
Head of the department „Methods Research“ at SOCIUM

“In my field, sociology, “computational social science” is rapidly growing, but again, this label is rather vague. But methods of text analysis, such as topic modelling, will certainly become more important also in my work.“

Dr. Hendrik Heuer
Postdoc @ Information Management Group & ifib
FB 02 – Mathematics and Computer Science

“In an upcoming paper, we will argue why data-based automation is a much more precise term than machine learning because neither the term machine nor the term learning really captures how ML algorithms leverage data to infer decision rules. “

Dr. Wilke Dononelli
Senior Postdoc at Hybrid Materials and Interfaces Group, Early Career Investigator at MAPEX
FB 04 – Production Engineering

“Currently I am using and working on two different projects were we develop and use on-the-fly trained machine learning models to drastically speed up our quantum chemical calculations.“

Prof. Dr. Hans-Günther Döbereiner
Professor of Biological Physics
FB 01 – Physics and Electrical Engineering
Spokesperson NFDI4Phys

“The main challenge is to do research data management without being a burden to the researcher. RDM needs to become helpful to researchers at all stages of a particular project in order to be accepted by research groups.“

Dr. Juliane Jarke
Senior researcher at the Institute for Information Management Bremen (ifib)
FB 03 – Mathematics and Computer Science

“I am currently working on a number of projects that examine the increasing importance of data and data science for decision- and meaning-making in education and the public sector.“

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Didelez
Professor of Statistics and Causal Inference
FB 03 – Mathematics and Computer Science

“My research deals with (statistical) methods for analysing data – I would say that this is certainly a core element of data science.“

Dr. Iris Grothe
Staff scientist at the Cognitive Neurophysiology Lab
FB 02 – Biology / Chemistry

“The brain is the ultimate data scientist, it continuously tries to extract useful knowledge from the information, the data, that it is given. Maybe understanding the brain better can help us towards explainable AI as well.“

Prof. Dr. John Bateman
Professor of English Applied Linguistics
FB 10 – Linguistics and Literary Studies

“Accessing and organizing diverse forms of communication at a larger scale requires methods and approaches to analysis that are core to data science.“

Prof. Dr. Dr. Norman Sieroka
Professor of Philosophy
FB 09 – Cultural Studies

“A major area of my research is the philosophy of individual scientific disciplines: How do sciences work? How do we gain knowledge? For these questions, the handling and understanding of data is particularly important.“

Prof. Dr. Anna Förster
Professor of Sustainable Communication Networks
FB 01 – Physics and Electrical Engineering

“I love interdisciplinary research – you learn a lot from other colleagues, you can combine innovative approaches and solve complex problems.“

Prof. Dr. Lars Hornuf
Professor of Business Administration, esp. Financial Services and Financial Technology
FB 07 – Business Studies and Economics

“It is important to not only blindly apply empirical methods, but also to understand which insights can be drawn from the results and which cannot.“

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Dickhaus
Professor of Statistical Mathematics
FB 03 – Mathematics and Computer Science

“Statistical methods must demonstrate their worth when applied to real data. That’s why data are an indispensable part of my research.“