15.08.2022 | House of Science

Sketchnote Event on the Topic Data Science

As part of this year’s summer holiday programme of the “Haus der Wissenschaft” (House of Science), students got the opportunity to learn how to visualize complex issues with the help of sketchnotes. With his talk, DSC spokesperson Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler provided an insight into the field of data science and inspired creative sketchnotes on the topic.

As part of the summer holiday programme of the “Haus der Wissenschaft” (House of Science), pupils could learn how to produce podcasts and make sketchnotes. Under the motto “Learn new formats – Structure Thinking – Share and Spread Content” various events took place from July 26 to August 11. Part of the programme were several workshops titled “Creative Doodles” during which the students learned how to draw so-called sketchnotes. Each of the workshops consisted of an introduction to drawing sketchnotes, followed by a short scientific lecture. This enabled participants to directly apply their newly learned skills.

Picture of the sketchnote by the workshop trainer Dr. Maria Nunes.
Part of this year’s programme was a lecture by DSC spokesperson Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler. As part of a “Creative Doodles” workshop for advanced students on August 11, he gave a talk on data science. During his lecture he discussed the issue “Data is everywhere! But how can we generate knowledge from it?”. Inspired by Rolf Drechsler’s presentation, the workshop participants then prepared sketchnotes on the topic of data science. So-called sketchnotes are a creative tool that combines words and images. They thereby make it possible to illustrate complex matters in a simple manner that makes them easy to comprehend. Consequently, the workshop participants used their newly acquired skills to create interesting and creative sketchnotes that give an insight into the diverse field of data science (see photo).

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