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05.08.2021 | Services

Services for Teaching and Research at the DSC

The DSC supports the digitization of teaching and research with dedicated services.

The ongoing Corona pandemic has significantly increased the need for online-based services for research and teaching. The courses of Data Train , a central training program for PhD students in research data management and data science offered by the U Bremen Research Alliance, which is supported by the DSC, are also affected by the pandemic. Therefore, the events are currently held in virtual form. In order to ensure a smooth process, the DSC provides the lecturers with three services to facilitate e-learning. All students in a course have access to a browser-based integrated development environment that is independent of the resources of their end devices and has been tested by the lecturers.

The first service is Jupyterhub , which is a server variant of Jupyter . The interface is almost identical to the local Jupyter installation on a notebook and its simple and intuitive working environment makes it particularly user-friendly and easy to learn. Jupyterhub supports a variety of programming languages. The DSC currently providing Python and R.

The second service is Rstudio Server , which is a web version of R Studio. It provides a browser-based integrated development environment for the R programming language, offering a clear user interface with practical functions for easier coding.

The third and last service is Cocalc . Cocalc is a comprehensive development platform designed specifically for collaborative work and educational use. It supports Python, R, Latex, and other languages. In addition, Cocalc includes a chat facility that allows students and teachers to interact, making it particularly interactive.

The virtualization environment of the DSC makes it possible to dynamically adapt the resources for the individual services to the requirements of the users. For example, additional processor cores or memory can be allocated, which increases efficiency compared to working on a personal computer. In lectures, it can also be guaranteed that the same computing capacity is available to every student, almost regardless of the performance of their own device.

The services are currently being tested by lecturers and students. First courses were successfully conducted with Cocalc.

Author: Christopher Metz
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