01.12.2022 | DSC Seed Grant

The DSC supports the further development of the local news platform molo.news

As part of the pilot study, an algorithm that automatically tags news articles with specific location and topic keywords will be developed and tested.

The app molo.news is a local platform that has been publishing news and events from Bremen and its surroundings since 2020. In addition to important news from local media outlets, the app also encompasses contributions from different associations, cultural institutions, social movements and other local groups.

On the app, the contents of the platform are not sorted by different news departments, but according to interests and place of residence of the users. This is implemented by assigning thematic key words and location tags to each post that is added to the platform. Currently, news entries are manually tagged either by employees of the editorial hub department or the contributors themselves. Since the news platform has been growing constantly and several hundreds of articles are added to the backend each day, the pilot study is going to test the automation in this area.

The aim is to develop a curation algorithm that enables the automatic tagging of news posts. Thus, new entries in the backend will automatically be provided with certain key words and location tags. The algorithm will be based on automated content analysis as well as machine learning. News which have been manually curated by the editorial team in the past will serve as training data. The goal will be reached when at least 80 percent of the articles can be tagged automatically. The interdisciplinary study hereby combines the fields of media and communication studies and computer science. Moreover, the project is supposed to examine to what extent tagging systems can contribute to the prevention of polarisation.

Funding recipient:
Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp (Faculty 9 – Cultural Studies, ZeMKI – Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research)

Funding period:
1st December 2022 - 30th June 2023

Author: Svenja Goers
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DSC Coordinator
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