16.08.2021 | DSC Seed Grant

DSC funds a project for exploring effects of social media on cryptocurrency markets

With the help of complexity theory the project aims to explore the relationship between discourse on cryptocurrencies on different social media platforms and currency volatility.

The DSC Seed Grant was awarded for the seventh time for a pilot project at the interface of computer science and economics. The aim is to investigate the influence of online discussions on social media platforms on cryptocurrency markets.In particular, the influence of activities of fringe groups, e.g. on Reddit, will be examined, as these serve as incubation chambers for the subsequent dissemination of information in larger mainstream communities such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

To better understand the role of social media platforms and the dissemination of information on cryptocurrencies, the pilot study will include the development of a novel sentiment analysis tool to examine online discussions. The large amount of social media data and its interdisciplinary nature require an interdisciplinary approach. This includes Big Data analysis, Natural Language Processing for sentiment extraction, financial and economic jargon, and complexity theory methods.

Funding recipient:
Muhammad Hassan (Faculty 3 – K Mathematics and Computer Science)
Collaboration partner: Dr. Muhammad Naiman Jalil (United Arab Emirates University)

Funding period:
1st October 2021 till 30th September 2022

If you have any questions regarding the DSC Seed Grant, feel free to contact me.

Dr. Lena Steinmann
DSC Coordinator
+49 (421) 218 - 63941

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