10.03.2022 | DSC Seed Grant

The DSC funds a data science project in the social sciences

The DSC Seed Grant goes to Dr. Helen Seitzer for developing an automated text analysis method in an education policy context.

The goal of the project “The origins of expertise: Where does IO-knowledge originate from?” is to understand the origins of expertise of education-related international organizations, taking the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as an example. This will enable an examination of the hitherto unchallenged expert status of international organizations with regard to education reforms. More specifically, the aim is to identify the source of the knowledge base for the expertise of these influential organizations. For instance, do they use results from current research or do they repeatedly refer to their own research results or use only few central documents?

To understand this, an automated text analysis method for extracting citation information from PDF documents will be developed and initially apllied to the OECD. This procedure will be standardized and serve as a basis for follow-up studies in which other international organizations shall be analyzed and compared.

The study is linked to the Project A05: The Global Development of Coverage and Generosity in Public Education (project directors: Kerstin Martens, Michael Windzio) of CRC 1342: Global Dynamics of Social Policy .

Funding recipient:
Dr. Helen Seitzer (Faculty 8 – Sociology
SOCIUM – Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy

Funding period:
1. June 2022 - 31. December 2022

If you have any questions regarding the DSC Seed Grant, feel free to contact me.

Dr. Lena Steinmann
DSC Coordinator
+49 (421) 218 - 63941

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