29.08.2022 | Conference

Meet the DSC at the Open Science Festival!

On 30 and 31 August, experts will discuss about open science at the Open Science Festival at Leibniz Universität Hannover. The DSC will also be present at the festival – Meet us at the marketplace at stand 17!

Under the motto “Meet. Share. Inspire. Care.” the first German Open Science Festival will take place. The event will be hosted by the Leibniz University of Hannover and Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology. For two days, scientists and international experts will exchange ideas and discuss about open science practices.

Open science aims to practice science in a way that makes research and knowledge more transparent, accessible and collaborative. It encompasses practices such as the publication of open research, open access to academic literature, open peer reviews, and open data which can be shared, reused und redistributed. Another important principle of open science is concerned with transparent and effective science communication. In this context not only expert to expert communication, but also the exchange with the general public is of great importance. The goal of open science is to present scientific results and research in a comprehensible and transparent way to familiarise the public with the principles of science and thus strengthen the credibility of research findings and scientific expertise.

All of these aspects will be in the focus of the upcoming Open Science Festival. The DSC Data Stewards Dr. Julian Lilkendey, Dipl.-Soz. Heike Thöricht, and Dr. Sandra Zänkert are also going to attend the festival. Together with other experts they will participate in various events discussing ideas, concepts and challenges connected to open science. Part of the festival’s programme is, for instance, the panel “Open Science: just done right!” which engages with the question how open science can support scientific integrity. Furthermore, international experts will discuss the increasing commercialization of research publication infrastructure and its affects on open science in a panel titled “Who owns Science?”.

Next to different panels, the festival’s pr ogramme also includes different workshopssuch as the workshop “Transparency and Openness in Peer Review” or a reproducibility hackathon during which participants re-run code from published data with the aim to reproduce the scientific results of the publication.

In addition to participating in panels and workshops, the data stewards will also introduce the DSC and its Data Stewardship services. At the Open Science Marketplace in the Leibniz Universität atrium, they will have their own booth ("Data Stewards at the University of Bremen - Roles and Perspectives") to interact with other participants. The market will be located at the Lichthof of the Leibniz University Hannover and will function as a place for exchange between the festival’s participants. The team is looking forward to networking, discussing open science and presenting the DSC on a national level. If you would like to find out more about the DSC and its data stewardship services, visit our Data Stewards at booth 17 at the Open Science Festival Marketplace.

Author: Svenja Goers
Please contact us if you have any questions:
Dr. Lena Steinmann
DSC Coordinator
+49 (421) 218 - 63941

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