18.07.2021 | DSC Seed Grant

DSC funds a Data Science Project in Geosciences

The DSC Seed Grant goes to Dr. Alice Lefebvre for the development of a Bedform Analysis Toolbox.

The DSC Seed Grant was awarded for the fifth time. The aim of the internationally integrated project led by Dr. Alice Lefebvre from MARUM is to develop a Bedform Analysis Toolbox (BAT). Bedforms – ripples, dunes, sandwaves – are ubiquitous features in sandy subaqueous settings. They exert a major influence on a range of processes, from small-scale turbulence and sediment transport to large-scale coastal geomorphology.

The open source BAT will combine already available methods to analyse bedforms into one easy-to-use software. In collaboration with international geoscientists and a data scientist, this MATLAB toolbox will be created in the coming months. The toolbox will enable the bedform research community itself, but also non-experts, to examine large bathymetic datasets to characterize bedform properties.

Funding recipient:
Dr. Alice Lefebvre (MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences)

Funding period:
1st October 2021 to 31th January 2022

Author: Katharina Soemer
If you have any questions regarding the DSC Seed Grant, feel free to contact me.

Dr. Lena Steinmann
DSC Coordinator
+49 (421) 218 - 63941

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