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01.07.2021 | DSC Seed Grant

DSC funds a project in marine fungi research

A new dataset will be used to unravel the role of marine fungi within the microbial pump in order to better understand the impact of climate change on the oceans.

The DSC Seed Grant was awarded for the fourth time for an interdisciplinary project in the fields of chemistry and biology to study marine fungi and their function in the ocean. The aim of the project is to investigate the genetic regulation of degradation processes of two marine fungal isolates and to integrate them into the existing picture of the complex mechanisms of the microbial pump. For this purpose, genome and transcriptome sequencing will be performed.
The generated data will not only provide important new insights into the microbial pump, which has a profound impact on the global carbon cycle and climate, but also enrich existing reference datasets through the quality of the annotated sequences, allowing for higher resolution of further data-based studies.

Funding recipients:
Dr. Marlis Reich (Faculty 2 – Biology/Chemistry)
Prof. Jan-Hendrik Hehemann (Faculty 2 – Biology/Chemistry)

Funding period:
1st July 2021 till 31th June 2022

Author: Katharina Soemer
If you have any questions regarding the DSC Seed Grant, feel free to contact me.

Dr. Lena Steinmann
DSC Coordinator
+49 (421) 218 - 63941

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