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01.06.2022 | DSC-Team

Welcome to the DSC, Sandra!

As a new data steward, Dr. Sandra Zänkert will support scientists from natural and especially health sciences in research data management.

Sandra Zänkert completed her Diploma in Psychology at the Technical University of Dresden. Subsequently, she worked at the Chair of Medical Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics and Research Methodology at the University of Regensburg. There she was involved both in research and university teaching activities in the fields of medicine and psychology. In her area of expertise, psychobiological stress research – an interdisciplinary field combining natural, social and health sciences – Sandra has worked with a variety of different data formats. These include, for instance, questionnaire research data as well as data from fields such as physiology, genetics and endocrinology. Most recently, she was involved in a DFG project investigating psychobiological stress regulation in aggression during which she contributed data to a research project investigating language-based detection of physiological markers of stress using machine learning. In 2022 Sandra completed her PhD in Biological Psychology on methodological aspects of two standardized laboratory paradigms applied in stress and anxiety research.

As an early career researcher, Sandra is actively involved in the German Society for Psychology (DGPs). Here, due to the so-called replication crisis in psychology, open science, as well as reproducibility and sustainability in the research process, have been a major topic over the past few years. Moreover, Sandra is also a member of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS) and the Interest Group for Open and Reproducible Science (IGOR).

From now on, Sandra will work as one of three Data Stewards joining the DSC this summer. Together they will support researches from the University of Bremen and the U Bremen Research Alliance Institutes with implementing the FAIR principles. Here, Sandra’s focus will lie on natural sciences and especially health science. Her tasks will include activities such as providing specialist advice to scientists and assisting them with the handling of research data, planning and conducting targeted Data Literacy Trainings as well as developing efficient data management processes.

We are happy to welcome Sandra to our team at the DSC and look forward to working with her!

Dr. Sandra Zänkert
Data Steward
+49 (421) 218 - 63957
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