31.12.2021 | Research

New publication by two DSC team members

The article shows the opportunities and perspectives of interlinking data stewardship and data science.

Following the DINI/nestor workshop „Data Stewardship in Research Data Management – What is it? Roles, task profiles, areas of application“, which took place virtually on November 16 and 17, 2020, Lena Steinmann and Rolf Drechsler published an article on the linkage of data science and data stewardship in the journal Baussteine Forschungsdatenmanagement. The article was published in German.

Translated abstract: Data science allows us to extract knowledge from complex, high-dimensional data and is therefore regarded as a key discipline of our time and a central element of data-intensive research. Well-curated, FAIR data, form the basis for this, ensured by sustainable research data management and data stewardship. Accordingly, a close coordination and systematic interlinking of data science and data stewardship in the research process promises a significant increase in efficiency and maximum added value from data. The Data Science Center (DSC@UB) of the University of Bremen, which supported by the State of Bremen, offers ideal boundary conditions for this. As a central, interdisciplinary infrastructure for data-intensive research, it serves as a place for interdisciplinary exchange and provides essential services to support researchers. In addition, at the DSC data scientists and data stewards can can work closely together to jointly support scientists throughout the entire data life cycle and in close cooperation. This should ensure (1) the availability of FAIR data, (2) maximum knowledge gain from data, and (3) the sustainable optimization of data-handling processes and procedures, thereby creating new opportunities for innovation in the research process.

In that context, we are very happy to announce that we are now hiring three data stewards at the Data Science Center in close collaboration with the U Bremen Research Alliance to further advance the integration of data science and data stewardship. You can find the job advertisement here .

Author: Katharina Soemer
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