24.02.2021 | Inside Data Science

Interview With Thorsten Dickhaus About Statistics and Data Science

In the interview series “Inside Data Science” we introduce our members with their research activities and interests.

Today with Thorsten Dickhaus, Professor of Statistical Mathematics at Faculty 3 – Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bremen.
What topics are you currently working on in your research?
My main research topics are simultaneous statistical inference and multiple statistical hypothesis testing, with diverse applications in life sciences and economics.

How important is data to your research?
Statistical methods must demonstrate their worth when applied to real data. That’s why data are an indispensable part of my research.

What role does data science play in your research: Do you see yourself more as a user, a method developer, a basic researcher, or perhaps something completely different?
Mainly as a method developer.

Which data science methods and technologies are in the focus of your research or could become interesting in the future?
Mathematical statistics develops and analyzes methods for the statistical analysis of data. Theoretical concepts from probability theory, mathematical optimization and other mathematical fields are used as well as special software solutions.

What are your main challenges in dealing with data?
Every real data set has a scientific connotation. As a result, there are always exciting and fruitful discussions with scientists from other scientific disciplines. This inherently interdisciplinary aspect of statistical research is challenging and rewarding at the same time.

And finally, what is your personal motivation for joining the Data Science Center?
I expect to etablish new contacts with researchers who have exciting data sets and related research questions that we can tackle together.

Please note: The interview was originally given in German and translated into English by Lena Steinmann.

You can learn more about Thorsten Dickhaus' activities in his talk „Application-oriented research in statistics – Analysis of complex data“ in the Data Science Forum on 25.02.2021.

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Dickhaus
Professor of Statistical Mathematics
FB 03 – Mathematics and Statistics

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