26.10.2021 | DSC Seed Grant

The DSC funds a study to develop an app that helps people with cognitive impairments

In the project, machine learning techniques are used to make texts for people with disabilities and non-native speakers more understandable with the help of an app.

In the data-driven pilot study “Accessible Text App”, the team around Hendrik Heuer will further develop a prototype smartphone app. The central function of this app is the summary of texts and explanation of terms for people with impairments and non-native speakers, thus enabling more accessibility in everyday life for the affected people.

The project uses various data science techniques such as machine learning or web scraping to address an important societal challenge. In addition, the focus on cognitive impairments addresses a key research gap in the field of human-computer interaction.

Funding recipients:
Dr. Hendrik Heuer (Faculty 3 – Mathematics and Computer Science)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter (Faculty 3 – Mathematics and Computer Science)

Funding period:
1st January 2022 till 31th July 2022

If you have any questions regarding the DSC Seed Grant, feel free to contact me.

Dr. Lena Steinmann
DSC Coordinator
+49 (421) 218 - 63941

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