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International Data Power Conference 2022

From June 22 till 24 the fourth International Data Power Conference took place. This year’s conference was focused around the overarching topic of “Dialogues in Data Power”. The event was financially supported by the DSC.

This year the Data Power Conference was hosted at three different locations (Sheffield, Bremen and Ottawa). For the first time, the conference was organised in a hybrid format, enabling participants to either attend online or in person at one of the three locations (University of Sheffield, ZeMKI University of Bremen and Carleton University).

While the last Data Power Conference at the University of Bremen (2019) was centred around the theme of global data (in)securities, this year’s focus was placed on critical discussions and dialogues around the topic of data power. Various lecturers and panels critically addressed social, political, economical and cultural consequences connected to the increasing prominence of data in our societies and daily lives. The conference was especially concerned with the question of how stakeholders can be involved in important discussions around data power. Moreover, aspects such as suitable methods for research surrounding data power were discussed.

This year 180 scientists attended the conference, with more than half of them participating online. Bremen was able to welcome 40 scientists, who presented and critically discussed their research in eight panels. The organisation of the Data Power conference in Bremen was supported by the ZeMKI as well as the ifib and the Data Science Center of the University of Bremen. Co-organiser and DSC member Dr. Juliane Jarke received the DSC Seed Grant to support the implementation of the Data Power conference (we reported here).

Furthermore, each conference day included a keynote event discussing data power related issues. The keynote event at the University of Bremen took place in the form of an interdisciplinary dialogue, which addressed possible points of contact between computer science, social sciences and philosophy. Another key speaker was Irene Fubara-Manuel with “Leave to Remain: The Biopower of Migration Algorithms and Data Structures”, a talk discussing issues related to data-based visa regimes. Moreover, key speaker Jonathan Dewar gave a talk titled “Data Sovereignty”, addressing the concept of First Nations data sovereignty in Canada.

According to the organizers, a particular success of the conference was the successful execution of the hybrid format of the event which enabled an intensive and lively exchange between scientists. In her welcome address co-organiser Jo Bates commented on the hybrid form of the conference: “We calculated that compared to if we had held the conference only in person in Sheffield and everyone was flying in, we have saved ~125 tonnes of carbon just on flights.”

The next Data Power Conference is expected to take place in 2024.

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