Prof. Dr. Sebastian Maneth

DSC co-founder
FB 03: Mathematics and Computer Science

Databases for semi-structured data; XML query languages; XML search systems; type checking; index structures; analysis of eye tracking data.

Sebastian Maneth received his Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts in 1995 and his doctoral degree from the University of Leiden (Netherlands) in 2003. After a postdoctoral position at the EPFL (Lausanne) he worked at the Australian Information and Communications Technology Center NICTA and afterwards at the University of Edinburg. Since 2017, Sebastian Maneth has been a Professor for Databases at Faculty 3: Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bremen.

As one of the founders of the DSC, Sebastian Maneth has advocated for innovative teaching in the area of Data Science. To this aim, he would like to establish an interdisciplinary graduate school in Data Science at the University of Bremen.

The main topics of Sebastian Maneth’s research are the efficient storage and querying of semi-structured data. He has recently begun researching the analysis of eye tracking data with the help of machine learning processes. He is a senior member of the ACM.

University of Bremen
Faculty 3 – Mathematics and Computer Science
Bibliothekstr. 5
28359 Bremen

+49 (421) 218 63600