Matthies Hesse

FB 07: Business Studies and Economics
Management Accounting and Information Systems

Machine Learning; Deep Learning; Data Analysis; Macro Accounting, Empirical Capital Market Research; Machine Learning in Accounting and Finance.

Matthies Hesse received his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and Management from the University of Bremen in 2020. While he was studying, he worked as a student research assistant at the Professorship for General Business Administration, in particular Finance, at the University of Bremen and used various Data Analysis and Financial Econometrics techniques. Meanwhile, he taught himself many Data Science techniques and issues. Since 2021, he works as a research assistant and PhD student at the University of Bremen.

He researches on the application of Machine Learning in Accounting and Finance. His goal is to establish Machine Learning in this area and to compare it to conventional statistical methods. His challenges lie in the construction of the right dataset, the application of suitable Machine Learning techniques and the interpretation of more complex (deep) Machine Learning models. He mainly works with Python.

Universität Bremen
Faculty 07 – Faculty of Business Studies and Economics
Max-von-Laue-Straße 1
28359 Bremen

+49 (421) 218 66941