Below we provide a regularly updated list of funding programs for projects in the context of data science. If you are seeking cooperation partners to realize your project idea, we will be happy to put you in touch with colleagues from other disciplines. Please send us an E-MAIL to discuss the possibilities.

The DSC also provides financial support for its members through the »DSC Seed Grant.


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Deadline: 10.07.2022
Open Data Impact Award
The award goes to scientists or research groups who have opened up data to enable or develop an innovative reuse and subsequent use of open data outside of science. Three sponsorship prizes of 15.000 EUR, 10.000 EUR and 5.000 EUR will be awarded.

Deadline: 15.09.2022
Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung
Alexander von Humboldt-Professur (for Artificial Intelligence)
Scientists from all disciplines who address the investigation and use of AI as well as its impact on society can be nominated. The award amount is up to 5 million Euro for a period of five years.

Deadline: 15.10.2022
Research, Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence Methods in SME
Funding is provided for cooperative projects with SMEs that do research on the development and use of AI methods. Universities can receive up to 100 percent of the eligible costs as a grant.

Deadline: 31.10.2022
Digital GreenTech – Environmental technologies meet digitalisation
Funding is provided for projects integrating environmental, information and communication technologies focusing on data use, system networking and digital interaction. Universities can receive up to 100 percent of the eligible costs as a grant.

Deadline: 31.12.2022
Artificial intelligence for the common good
Funding is provided for projects which focus on the use of data and the development of AI technologies which contribute to the public good. The funding is up to 250.000 EUR per year with a maximum duration of three years.

Deadline: 31.12.2022
Information Infrastructures for Research Data
Eligible for funding are projects dealing with the development of information infrastructures for research data as well as studies analysing research data management with the aim of improving research data infrastructures. Funding is provided for a maximum project duration of six years.

Deadline: 31.12.2022
Modernitätsfonds (mFUND)
Funding is provided for projects researching the use of digital data, focusing on data access, digital data networks and data governance. The funding is up to 3 million EUR for a maximum project duration of 3 years.

Deadline: 31.12.2022
Projects within the European EUREKA-Cluster
Funding is provided for joint calls and European Clusters within the research initiative EUREKA. The focus lies on software innovations through the use of KI, software engineering, digitalisation, cyber physical systems, data technology and data-driven systems. Universities can receive up to 100 percent of the eligible costs as a grant.