Funders and Research Data Management – The Carrot and the Stick


1:00 - 1:30 PM

Data Science Forum

Heike Thöricht
Data Steward, DSC, University of Bremen

Hybrid (MZH and Zoom)

The workshop will be held in

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We invite you to a culinary data break served in five short sessions to share our love for cooking research data. Based on the DFG-CHECKLIST for handling research data, we have created a menu on the different data topics that are essential for the success of your funding proposals. We will provide you with recipes for data handling that will help you meet the new DFG requirements. The entire menu can be found on the right and HERE.


A sustainable research data management (RDM) strategy is crucial not only for the success of research projects but also for the application process as more and more funding agencies make information on the handling of research data mandatory (see for example DFG-news item from March 14 ).
In the opening session of the Data Snacks, DSC Data Steward Heike Thöricht will talk about the carrots and the sticks that funders use to encourage scientists to adopt adequate RDM and the FAIR-Principles (finable, accessible, interoperable, re-suable). She will give a short overview about RDM requirements and funding opportunities from a selection of German (e.g. DFG, BMBF, Volkswagen Stiftung) and other national funders in our European neighborhood. During this session, you will learn why RDM is (and will probably become even more) important for the success of your proposals.


With her diploma in Sociology Heike Thöricht joined the University of Innsbruck in 2018 and worked in the project e-Infrastructures Austria Plus , in the successor project FAIR Data Austria and in a Research Data Management project of the University. In her role as a data steward at the DSC since June 2022, she advises researchers from the social sciences and humanities of the UBremen Research Alliance throughout the entire research data lifecycle.


The info event will take place in hybrid format from 1:00 to 1:30pm at MZH and via Zoom. There will be a 15-minute presentation followed by an open forum for questions and discussion. If you would like to be present on site at the MZH, please use the registration form on the left for better planning. We look forward to exciting discussions!