How to Draft a Data Management Plan (DMP) as a Social Scientist (DSC-2023-03)


09 - 12 Uhr

Workshop für Promovierende und Postdocs

Dipl.-Soz. Heike Thöricht (Data Steward)
Data Science Center

Online (Zoom)

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More and more funding institutions (e.g. DFG, BMBF, Volkswagenstiftung) require information on how research data will be generated, processed, documented, and stored during the project and/or made accessible after the end of a project. In the proposal process or at the beginning of the project, scientists are asked to prepare a so-called Data Management Plan (DMP) following the specific requirements of the funding agency (e.g. the DFG’s checklist for “handling of research data”).

Now you are sitting in front of the empty document and you are wondering why and how? In this workshop, we will help you with that.


We will briefly reactivate basic terms (e.g. research data management, DMP/ checklist, FAIR Principles) and the University’s and funders’ requirements. We will help you answer some of the questions that are commonly addressed in a DMP:

  • What types and formats of research data will you be collecting?
  • Where will you store your data?
  • With whom and how will you share your data?
  • How will others be able to understand the data?
  • How will you preserve your data for the long term?
We will provide a DMP template with adaptable text elements and advise you on how to write it. Bring your own (current or future) project to write your first DMP.

Please note: Prior knowledge of research data management basics is required to participate in this workshop. You can acquire this knowledge by attending the preceding course “Introduction to Research Data Management for Social Scientists (DSC-2023-02)” on 16.02.2023. Participants of DSC-2023-02 will have a guaranteed place in this workshop.


At the end of the workshop you will:
  • understand the basics of a DMP
  • understand why funders ask for a DMP
  • understand how you and your colleagues can benefit from a DMP
  • know what you need to pay special attention to as social scientist
  • have written first parts of your DMP


The event is open for all social scientists of the University of Bremen and other institutions of the U Bremen Research Alliance (15 – 20 participants). Researchers from other disciplines are also welcome. Please note, however, that the workshop will have a special focus on social science challenges.