Introduction to Research Data Management (RDM) for Social Scientists (DSC-2023-02)


09 - 12 Uhr

Workshop für Promovierende und Postdocs

Dipl.-Soz. Heike Thöricht (Data Steward)
Data Science Center

Online (Zoom)

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Effective research data management (RDM) is a crucial element of good scientific practice. It enables the later publication of data, which is increasingly required by funding organizations and publishers. Furthermore, you can benefit from research data management by identifying gaps and/or obstacles with a data management plan at an early stage and your research and yourself can become more visible by making your research data accessible after your project.


We will discuss the basic terms of RDM (e.g. research data lifecycle, data management plan, FAIR principles, data organisation, metadata, data protection, repositories) and the requirements of the funding organisations – and relevance for yourself/ and how RDM can make your life as scientist easier. There will also be interactive exercises to help you apply the concepts to your own research.


At the end of the workshop you will:
  • understand the basics of RDM
  • understand the requirements of different funding organisations
  • understand how you and your colleagues can benefit from RDM
  • have the required RDM knowledge to participate in the follow-up workshop “How to Create a Data Management Plan as a Social Scientist (DSC-2023-02)” on Friday, March 10, 2023 (09 am - 12 pm)
  • have a guaranteed spot in the above mentioned DMP follow-up workshop


The event is open for all social scientists of the University of Bremen and other institutions of the U Bremen Research Alliance (15 – 20 participants). Researchers from other disciplines are also welcome. Please note, however, that the workshop will have a special focus on social science challenges.