Dr. Eric Drebitz

FB 02: Biology / Chemistry
Cognitive Neurophysiology
Brain Research Institute; Center for Cognitive Sciences

Data recording; data logistics; data analyses.

Eric Drebitz performed his Bachelor of Biology and Master of Neuroscience studies at the University of Bremen. In 2019 he received his doctorate (rer. nat.) with honor from the University of Bremen. After his doctorate Eric Drebitz started to work at the institute for cognitive Neurophysiology at the University of Bremen. There he manages the project of investigating the selective information processing within the visual system. This research focus requires high complex in vivo recordings of neuronal activity, as well as the preparation and analysis of this data. The main focus of analyses lies on the investigation of fine temporal structures within the recorded neuronal signals, to find correlative and causal relations of information processing and routing within the brain.

University of Bremen
Faculty 02 – Biology / Chemistry
Cognitive Neurophysiology
Brain Research Institute
Center for Cognitive Sciences
Hochschulring 16a
28359 Bremen

+49 (421) 218 63009