Prof. Dr. Michael Windzio

FB 08: Sociology
Migration and Urban Research
SOCIUM: Units Life Course, Methods; SFB 1342

Migration; integration; social networks; spatial mobility and resident segregation; education; globalization of educational policy; panel analysis; event history analysis; causal inference.

Michael Windzio, *1970, studied sociology, political science, psychology and education at the University of Heidelberg, M.A. in sociology. 1998-2004 research assistant at the SFB 186 and assistant at the University of Bremen, 2004-2006 associate research director at the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony, since 2006 professor of sociology, focus on migration and urban research at the University of Bremen. 2010-2014 spokesperson of the Institute for Empirical and Applied Sociology (EMPAS), 2014-2015 acting spokesperson of the SOCIUM.

Publications: Windzio, M. (2008): Organizational ecology of immigrant employment and organizational buffer zones: Who leaves first when the organization gets into trouble? In: Social Science Research 37: 1171-1187. Windzio, M., Wingens, M., 2014. religion, friendship networks, and home visits of immigrant and native children. Acta Sociologica 57 (1), 59-75. Windzio, M., 2018. The network of global migration 1990-2013: Using ERGMs to test theories of migration between countries. Social Networks 53, 20-29. Windzio, M., 2020. causal inference in collaboration networks using propensity score methods. Quality & Quantity 48 (1), 152. 10,1007/s11135-020-01005-6.

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