Git for Dummies (DSC-2023-01)


09 AM - 3 PM

Workshop for PhD students and Postdocs

Dr. Sandra Zänkert (Data Steward)
Data Science Center

Fraunhofer MEVIS
Max-von-Laue-Str. 2
Raum 1.010 -1.012 (Conference Room)

The workshop will be held in

The workshop is already fully booked.

If you have any questions regarding our workshops, please feel free to write us an E-MAIL.

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Using proper version control while working on content, code or materials can be considered a basic foundation for modern digitized research. Git is a software that helps to easily implement documentation of iterative changes and reproducible workflows for individual projects and especially when collaborating with others.
For this purpose, it is important to know the basic principles and understand git as a tool, that is flexible in its application.


We want to provide an easy entry for you to learn how to keep track of changes in your documents, code and projects with the version control software git. We will cover:

  • an introduction to different version control strategies
  • setting up git on your PC (Windows/Mac) and connecting it to Github/Gitlab
  • basic principles of how git works
  • how to use git with either a graphical user interface (GUI), via command line or from IDEs (integrated development environment) like RStudio
  • how different file formats (text vs. binary) are handled and what to consider when setting up a folder structure
To get you completely hooked, we will talk about possible workflows and practical implementations in research, besides the classical software development projects, on the way.


At the end of the workshop:
  • We will have set up git on your computer together, so you will be able to start using it right away.
  • You will be able to set up a git repository, build and restore a version control history and know the basics for collaborating with others.
  • You will have had time to reflect on how to apply version control with git in your (research) projects or daily work routines.
  • You will have had a glimpse on the flexibility of git as a tool and how it might work for you.


The workshop is open to all researchers of the University of Bremen and other institutions of the U Bremen Research Allicance. It is meant for people with no to little prior experience with git.


I am not a git expert. I am only a scientist who was in need of better version control in order to keep track of changes to my analyses code more easily. Meanwhile, I came across a bunch of different applications for git. As a data steward I now want to share my experiences with you and get you git-ready.